Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Boomtown 2012


The festival of the season, Boomtown fair!
It gets bigger and better every year, I cant stress how brilliant this festival really is!
If you didnt make it this year, make sure 2013 has a boomtown ticket with your name on it!

Performances of the festival for me were from, Breakage, The Nextmen and First Degree Burns.

Performances I wish id seen, Slamboree, Tanya Stephens and Beenie man. #sadface

All stages were amazing but the ones that stood out the most were, Lions Den, Arcadia, Bassline Circus, The Wandering Word and Invisible Circus!

Bassline Circus had the best sound of the festival! 
Arcadia is the most impressive stage ever constructed, fire and explosions and mad performers/great artists, its phenomenal!!

I enjoyed this festival more than any festival ive been to in a very long time! 
The amount of things that they have to amuse you as you walk around the site is fantastic, a favourite of mine was the mullet museum closely followed by the wall of death!

I could ramble about how much I loved Boomtown forever but I think I will just sign off by saying,

Boomtown is an incredible experience, make sure you go next year!

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