Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mr Benn and the Chilli and Mint tea bags!

While I was at Mr Benn's studio putting down vocals for his new album he was kind enough to support my herbal tea addiction.
During the time spent at his place he introduced me to Mr Scruff's 'Make us a brew - Chilli & Mint'.
It is the best thing I have put in my face in ages, its good for you and it tastes awesome! WIN, WIN!

Mr Benn isnt just a supplier of a great brew he is also a great selecta/producer!!
Check out his collective Bristol Hifi! Comprising of Massive Attack's Daddy G, Bristol stalwart Queen Bee, mash-up maestro Mr Benn and mic-master Souls Liberation, Bristol Hi-Fi are a crack team of talent responsible for ramming dances and moving the bodys of party people all over the world!
Mr Benn will be releasing his album later this year with a whole host of exciting artist from the UK and Worldwide!
In the meantime I will leave you with this little gem!
Enjoy! xx

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